Servicenumber: 38679269  




Age: 22
Born: 1923, La Copita, Texas
Hometown: Nueces County, Texas
Family: Prudencio Ayarzagoitia (father)
Emila (De La Garza) Ayarzagoitia (mother)
Delores Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Maria D. Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Ester Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Esmeralde Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Christela Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Lidia O. Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Nora Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Adalberto Ayarzagoitia (brother)
Ruby R. Ayarzagoitia (sister)
Salvador  G. Ayarzagoitia (brother)
Mrs. Prudencio Ayarzagoitia (wife)
Rank: Private
Function: Not available
Regiment: 325th Glider Infantry Regiment
Battalion: Not available
Division – Transport: 82nd Airborne Division
Company – Squadron: Not available
Unit – Group:
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Date of death: 2 February 1945
Status: KIA
Place of death: Germany
Spot: Not available
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot E, Row 1, Grave 64
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Henri-Chapelle
Other information: Pvt Prudencio Ayarzagoita Jr. enlisted in Fort Sam Houston, Texas on 28 June 1944.

Private Ayarzagoitia was a loyal and well disciplined soldier, who had developed a high sense of duty. His humor was a great morale builder and consequently, he was well liked by his comrade. Prudencio was killed in Germany by the explosion of an enemy artillery shell while the organisation was in a defensive position.
From the telegram sent to his family.



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